HR and Operations Manager

Joined October 2007

Apurva Sharma

Like every working mother, my day starts with getting my son ready for school. I do take out 45 mins from my busy schedule to work out as this has been part of my routine for many years and it helps me in keeping my positive energy intact. I live quite far from the office so I use my commuting time to do some reading. When I get to the office, I usually make a ‘to do’ list from the previous day so that I can first take care of those priorities followed by checking emails to make sure that I didn’t miss anything.

We have a weekly HR call and apart from that, I connect with Heads of Product, analysts, and the IT team on a regular basis to plan and execute activities. From those discussions I also think of new ideas for employee engagement activities. The most interesting and challenging part of my job is multi-tasking i.e. from prioritizing a smooth office environment for analysts to ensuring proper upkeep of the branch to handling recruitment and the onboard joining process and much more. After work, and in order to unwind a bit, I love cooking. For me, trying out some recipe after a hectic day is a stress buster.

I joined Futures First in October 2007. Prior to Futures First, I worked in the banking and retail industries for almost four years.

FuturesFirst provides a unique opportunity to employees and no one can deny this fact. I feel privileged to be associated with such dynamic industry and the kind of opportunity it provides to everyone associated with it. This is the best place to work if you are looking for a thrilling, fast paced and challenging career opportunity.