International Markets

Joined August 2013

Joshua Nyaega Nyamongo

In the morning, before I come to work, I do some physical exercise to relax myself. I wake up at seven to take a morning jog thrice in a week and the rest of the days I do push-ups.

I take a bus to work and once I get to office, I start with a cup of coffee as I peruse through my emails and read any news about the markets. I also try to study what the markets have done overnight.

We usually have an office meeting at 10.30 daily. On Mondays, we link up with the research guys in India for more insights about the global economy and their possible impact on the markets

The busiest part of my day is in the morning before the markets get busy when I do my own research on the markets. Also, during at the first two hours of the American session, there is a lot of activity and opportunity in the market which makes me really busy around that time.

On week days, after work I watch movies, mostly documentaries and over the weekend I watch football. I’m also a fan of playing pool/billiards. Recently, I started going hiking on the weekends.

I think this is the most interesting career, full of brilliant minds who work hard without forgetting the freedom of expressing our ideas.