Energy Markets

Joined June 2010

Sachin Jain

I start my day with a punishing Crossfit workout that gets my heart racing and keeps me feeling pumped throughout the day. I like pushing myself to break my previous records – both at the gym and at Futures First.

I chose a career at Futures First because I believed I would succeed in a position that recognised my own personal achievements and success based on my own performance. I learned that there is no cap on my potential, and if I work hard and establish a winning strategy then I know I’m out-witting some of the best financial minds around the world. However, if I don’t keep my emotions in check, or I lose my motivation, I can make huge errors that jeopardize my success. I believe in myself and this career – nowhere else offers a platform for a fresh college graduates to earn enough money in a few short years to be able to afford a house in a metropolitan city. And to earn the respect of top finance professionals. And to feel fulfilled and confident in my abilities. And to compete successfully in world energy markets as part of our excellent team.