International Markets

Joined July 2008

Sunil Saini

I’m an explorer by nature. Luckily I found the perfect job for me – my work at Futures First springboards me to new adventures every day.

As an international markets analyst, I focus on tracking and understanding the European Central Banking system, the American debt crisis, and the Chinese CPI – all from my desk in Jaipur, India. To master the markets I must keep up to date on all relevant current events around the globe, even if they are happening thousands of miles away from my office. I know that in order to be a great markets analyst I need to spend years honing my strategies, talking to the senior analysts, and keeping focused 110% on the screens when the markets are open.

Outside the office I’m joyful, calm, and easygoing, but once I set foot inside Futures First my attitude becomes steely, determined, focused, and purposeful. The most difficult aspect of my job is balancing my focus, emotions, and personality between who I am at home and who I am in the office.

On the weekends I slip into my laid-back attitude and listen to music, play sports, and drive around the city to explore new places with my wife. But I still keep an eye on world events and how they may affect the markets. This is a passion for me, not a job. I love it, and how it’s a part of me. My friends have good jobs, but they envy me because I have a passion.