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Exprienced Market Analyst (Position #1005)

Location Bengaluru, India

Position Summary

Futures First, a Hertshten Group company, has a dominant position within the global derivatives market. Futures First began its operations in India in 2004 and presently has over 500 employees based in offices located in six major cities of the country.

At Futures First we are committed to provide our employees with the best in technology, training, and continuing education which includes training on financial markets and products, risk management, soft skills development and one-on-one mentoring to develop the requisite psychological and endurance skills.

Job Profile

The company offers a unique opportunity in India to work in the world’s most liquid and established derivatives markets.

It is an excellent opportunity for individuals presently working in international futures markets, who are based in India or abroad and are keen to relocate to India while continuing to enjoy the career prospects of the industry and the ability to participate in global derivatives markets.

The Company offers a highly-rewarding performance-based compensation structure which is one of the best in the industry globally.

We invite high-achieving professionals involved in global derivatives markets to apply.


Education Qualifications

  • Strong Academics, Degree Educated or Equivalent.
  • Preferable educational streams: Commerce, Finance, Economics, Mathematics, Statistics and Engineering.

Work Experience

  • Atleast 2-3 years of experience & successful track record of participating in interest rates or commodities futures in international financial exchanges
  • Experience of working at a proprietary trading firm, hedge fund or a bank in similar capacity would be helpful
  • Experience in Indian markets only will not be adequate.

Skill Set

  • Numerate, great at math
  • Quick thinker, especially under high pressure
  • Competitive
  • Sharp, with deep intelligence
  • Hardworking
  • Passionate and driven to succeed
  • Perform even better under pressure, and retain capacity for dispassionate learning in real-time
  • Demonstrated strength of character: integrity, initiative, judgment, commitment, emotional stability, persistence, resilience.

Interested individuals must email their candidature along with details of their recent performance record to

The Company will identify individuals for whom this opportunity may be suitable and invite them for a discussion.

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