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Sample Test

Test instructions

The test consists of 60 questions.
You will have 30 minutes to complete the questions
There will be no negative marking
It is allowed to skip or go back to the previous questions 
Use of Calculators/Mobile Phones is not permitted


Analytical Reasoning:

1. Gold was trading at $1775/oz. (1 $ = Rs. 49) In India Gold is traded in Rs./10Grams. Due to global demand, the price of Gold shoots to $1800 and the dollar-INR rate changes to 1$ =Rs.47. What will be the change in price of gold in India? (1 oz≈30 grams)

(a) 791.67
(b) 79.167
(c) -791.67
(d) -79.167

2. If a particular portfolio is invested as 40% Equities, 30% Debt, 20% Savings Scheme and 10% Cash. They each yield an annual return of 11%, -3%, 5% and 4% respectively. What is the return on the portfolio?

(a) 5.7%
(b) 6.3%
(c) 0.49%
(d) 4.9%

3. An investor invests Rs. 500 in each of the 4 companies whose shares are priced at Rs 10, 5, 20 and 2. There is 10%, 20%, 30% and 40% return on each of the investments. What is the overall return on the portfolio?

(a) 22.67%
(b) 23.06%
(c) 25%
(d) 29%

4. Which figure will complete (X)?