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Invest In the Future

Futures First enables young professionals, living outside the world’s traditional market centres, to enter into a career in the global derivative markets.


Futures First enables young professionals, living outside the world’s traditional market centres, to enter into a career in the global derivative markets.

Futures First has successfully provided lucrative and rewarding career opportunities for all of our employees, allowing them to participate and compete in some of the most intriguing financial markets, while continuing to live in their home environment.

Today, Futures First holds a reputable and dominant position within the global derivatives markets.
Our aim is to constantly innovate and improve all aspects of our business, capitalising on the expertise of our experienced team of industry leaders.

Changes are Opportunities

In 1999, global capital markets transitioned from open outcry, to electronic screen based platforms. By removing physical barriers, new possibilities and business opportunities were created.

Futures First identified this shift and gradually grew to become one of the world’s most reputable companies, offering services in the Derivatives Industry. Succeeding in this highly competitive climate requires an in-depth understanding of global markets, quantitative analysis and research skills.

This is How We Do It

Futures First provides market analysis services in various futures and options products across all asset classes, including fixed income, commodities, equity, and energy products.

We operate nearly twenty-four hours a day. Our offices wake up with Japan and Australia, and close with US, Canada and Brazil.
Our edge in the market comes from our highly trained professionals who can make quick and calculated decisions under pressure.
We develop in-house technological tools, to analyse markets and identify opportunities by using advanced methods of pattern recognition. Our employees are passionate about using technology to enhance their working environment and hence thrive in our company.

Staying Ahead of the Game


We are recognized as being an industry leader with regards to the level of professionalism we deploy in everything we do.


Beginning in 1978, on the Chicago Trading Floor, Futures First employees have accumulated a combined experience of more than 5,000 years of knowledge and data.


We are constantly identifying opportunities in the industry and working to enhance our edge, whether focusing on technology or human resource.


We constantly embrace best-in-class technologies to strengthen our businesses, spearheaded by our highly skilled core and algo developers.



The key to our success is our
talented people



Well-diversified across the spectrum
of products and asset classes



We operate in markets
across 6 continents



Founded in 2002, we are global leaders
in the derivatives markets



We are associated with all the
major exchanges

At Futures First, we give you the tools and an opportunity to compete with international professionals and make something of yourself. It's up to you to succeed in our competitive industry using your focus, grit and ability to perform under pressure. I love it because of the constant change and the need to keep proving myself to myself. No two days are ever alike.

Gedon Hertshten


We strive to be the most professional workplace in this industry where the mentality is to excel and beat one's own best.

Lalit Gupta


Futures First offers an unparalleled opportunity to those who possess the skills and the desire to be
associated with this industry. Join us for a phenomenal, if not lifechanging, experience!

Cheryl Gureja


Life at Futures First

Our people are the core of our business and we believe that people are happy when they are intellectually challenged and fairly rewarded.
We provide a competitive, highly professional and transparent work environment, a flat structure with minimal hierarchy.
With us, people look forward to Mondays!

Share & Care

Futures First is proud of developing top professionals in the industry, but we are also filled with immense pride and satisfaction to know that our people are exceptional human beings who are keen to share their success and give back to society.
We are proud to invest in our local communities through our “Share & Care” programs.
Futures First donates funds, promotes volunteering activities, and is happy to be involved and participate in any social initiatives taken by our employees.
In 2018, Futures First partnered with an incredible social impact organization, Go Dharmic, to build libraries and renovate schools in order to shape a better future for under-privileged kids.