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Secure Your Future- Join Futures First

Our people are at the core of our success and constitute our most valuable asset. Our goal is to help you thrive, develop, succeed and reach your full potential.

With a proven track record in the financial world, and with deep understanding of how global finance works, Futures First helps build and shape your career in international financial markets. By joining us, you will have an opportunity to establish yourself as a professional in the global derivatives industry, an industry that trades trillions of dollars worth of notional each and every day!

View open positions
View open positions

Best Option For a Brighter Future

YOU will be a part of an exciting environment that will help you succeed, alongside incredibly talented people, many of whom have built long-lasting and outstanding careers at
Futures First. YOU will challenge yourself, and strive to realize your full potential. YOU will be in charge of your own future, making decisions from the outset and creating opportunities
to grow professionally and financially at Futures First.

Be your own boss

No politics, your performance
determines your success.


The sky is the limit, you can make more
money than your seniors and managers.

Global while local

Be in your home country and work in
global markets.

Constant learning

Greatness is achieved while stretching
the comfort zone.

Work environment

Best office, best culture, best atmosphere
and best technologies.

At Futures first, you are more of a Partner than an employee. Your compensation is directly linked to your performance. Everything is very transparent.

Deepak Gurgaon

"Do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life". It’s been 9 years, since I joined FF Jaipur and the above quote has proven true for me. A constant learning work environment, healthy and positive culture and never-ending Fun are just some attributes describing Jaipur office.

Ankit Jaipur

Working with FF offers the great privilege of working with a diverse team of intelligent and friendly people. Each day brings a different set of challenges and it is thoroughly exciting to operate in such proximity to financial markets. The overall group dynamics and the healthy competition around provides a continuous motivation to improve and grow.

Ansh Gurgaon

I read somewhere that being a market analyst is like being paid to play your favorite game. It’s almost been like that, just a with a lot more adrenaline, emotions and rewards.

Aashish Kolkata

Dynamic and challenging work environment with a very good work culture. Flat organization with no major hierarchies and little politics. Overall, a great bunch of people to work with!!

Nitin Gurgaon

Our Success Factors

There is not one single recipe for success in global financial markets. Over the years, we discovered that academic achievements is not main requirement for success. Our higher achievers are:


Quick Thinkers





Strong quantitative skills

We Make It Happen

We believe that unique talent can be found anywhere. To reach all the potential out there, our HR team is
constantly and actively searching for the right people, at all levels of experience and education.

We find our people through:

Campus Recruitment

We visit top universities to find top performers. We recruit Graduate and Post Graduate students from all disciplines.
You will learn more about us through Campus Pre-placement talks and through interaction with our Business and HR Managers and some of our achievers who may also be alumni of your own institution. We are always excited to extend our offers to the most interested and suitable candidates.

Off-Campus Recruitment

If you appreciate the tremendous opportunity and always had the passion for our industry, yet we didn’t recruit at your campus, there is another way for you to join us.
We invite suitable candidates to one of our offices to participate in our recruitment process.


One of the best ways to explore opportunities at Futures First is by completing an internship with us.
For Internship opportunities, we recruit from both on and off campus, and offer a ‘foot-in-the-door’ to a large pool of talent.
You will gain hands-on experience in international markets and a feel for the culture and work environment here.
The deserving interns receive an opportunity to earn a pre-placement offer to join Futures First after completing their degree.

Experienced Market Analysts

If you are already part of this industry, and are keen to enhance and progress your career at Futures First, then do get in touch to discuss an opportunity with us.

Futures First Academy

Futures First Academy is our educational arm offering courses in finance and derivatives. You can take one of its programs and have access to our vast market knowledge, live market environments, and industry expert educators, ensuring an improved chance of joining us. The Academy often recommends meritorious students to the business and more than half of the interns who join us through the academy have received full-time offers.

Waiting Leads Nowhere.
Apply Today!

Our goal in the recruitment process is to get to know YOU and for you to know us.
The best advice we can give you is to -Just Be Yourself during the recruitment process.

The recruitment process consists of written tests and multiple interviews. You may also be asked to play a few games, solve puzzles or participate in a group activity.
Though our recruiting process is constantly evolving and adapting, below are some guidelines and examples that will provide you an idea of what you can expect when you participate in the Futures First recruitment process.


Written Test

Our computer-based test is designed to assess your analytical and numerical abilities as well as your quick thinking. Approximately, 10-15%, candidates pass the test. Do not let this discourage you, it simply means that we believe these skills are quite important for success in this specific profession.

View and attempt sample test – Click here



Candidates short-listed after the written test appear for up to three rounds of interviews with our Business Managers, HR Managers, and experienced analysts. The purpose of the interview is to understand your goals in life, get to know you better as a person, find out how you assimilate information, and handle unexpected situations.

Interview questions that you may face:

  • Fit questions:
    How do you operate under pressure?
  • Market-sizing questions:
    What is the number of buses in this city?
  • Business intuition:
    Which ongoing event do you think could have a significant influence on global markets?
  • Puzzle/problem solving


Candidates found to be successful after the interviews are offered a position at one of the offices of Futures First. Numbers do not restrict us so if you fit the bill and we think you have what it takes to succeed in this profession, then we are keen to have you with us.

The More We Train,
The Fitter We Get

Our aim is to make sure that our new hires are equipped with the best set of tools to analyze the world’s most professional and competitive markets. We do not expect our new joiners to have prior experience in financial markets, as we believe on-the-job learning and training is ideal.

After joining, our new hires go through a formal training program with classroom instructions and live market exposure. Some of the topics that you will acquire and improve knowledge in are:

  • Macroeconomics and Derivatives markets
  • International exchanges and futures markets
  • Fundamental and technical analysis
  • Market analysis, research and strategies
  • Importance of soft skills such as mental toughness, discipline, and patience
  • Money and risk management
  • And much more…

Training and development never ceases at Futures First as financial markets are dynamic and the best professionals realize that the learning curve is endless. From theoretical training to practical training, we will make sure you are always ahead of the game.

We shall continue to invest in YOU, our most valuable asset.

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