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Full Stack Developer (Position ##3005_FSD)

Location Jaipur, India

Position Summary

Jaipur-based Full Stack Developer role involving Django and React. Develop web apps, integrate APIs, ensure real-time features, optimize performance, and adhere to security standards. Fast-paced environment for UX enthusiasts.

Job Profile

Develop, maintain web apps using Django & React. UI components, APIs for data viz, real-time features. Troubleshoot, optimize, secure. Work on cutting-edge projects in Jaipur.


Education Qualifications

  • Bachelor's in computer science or related field preferred
  • Practical experience with strong portfolio in Django, React, real-time apps matters

Work Experience

  • 3+ years hands-on Full Stack Dev. Django, React, real-time projects, troubleshooting experience

Skill Set

  • Proficient: Django, React, JavaScript, DevOps
  • Experienced: Real-time app dev
  • Familiar: Data visualization
  • Strong problem-solving, agile mindset
  • Excellent teamwork, communication

Location РJaipur 

Joining РImmediate 

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